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Our raw hair are Unprocessed and Natural coloured in a way that closely resembles real hair. Using our own unique raw hair processing methods and cutting-edge technology, we've produced an unrivalled quality range of raw human hairs. For people who are balding or losing their hair, our products are their only option. Our RAW HAIR is meant to seem natural and blend in with the hairline. Reliability is the organization's top focus. We have a delivery team that keeps a careful check on the quality of the items at every stage. Furthermore, we verify that our raw hair comply with international standards. Our raw hair is packaged in ecologically friendly industrial-grade packaging materials that protect the contents from mechanical and transportation harm. Furthermore, the product is correctly labeled to give information. Ours is a quality-driven firm that strives to provide only the best products. As a consequence, throughout the manufacture of our whole range, we exclusively use high-quality raw materials.

Raw hair from raw hair enterprises is entirely unprocessed and untreated. The distinctions between raw and processed hair extensions are often misunderstood. However, before getting one for yourself, you should be aware of this. The Indian version is the most popular and is in strong competition because of the natural appearance it offers. Indian Virgin Human Hair is a type of weave that may be used to make your current hair longer. It's used in extensions, braids, and wigs for all sorts of females. It comes in a wide range of lengths, from a few inches to well over 40 inches. The first thing you'll notice about Indian

About Us

hair is that it's dark brown in color and nearly often natural black. That is the main benefit of utilizing genuine hair instead of synthetic hair. Yes, it is more costly. However, you'll like the fact that it provides you more options and just works better in the end. Thanks to a team of skilled professionals and well-equipped production equipment, we are able to provide an exceptional quality variety of hairs. Original Natural Human Hair and modern technology are used to manufacture the hair products we provide at our hygienically kept production centre. The acquired Original Natural Human Hair is put through a series of rigorous testing on a range of parameters to ensure the quality of final goods. In order to provide a flawless range to our clients, our quality controllers rigorously test the whole range on many parameters utilizing the most up-to-date testing machinery and equipment.

Why Raw Hair?

Raw hair is exactly what it says: unprocessed, 100% human hair. When you think of unprocessed, you're thinking of anything that hasn't been treated with chemicals, heat, or steam.

Raw hair is the purest and most natural type of hair on the market. Raw hair is fantastic since the quality is excellent and may endure for years.

The lack of variation in raw hair is a disadvantage. When it comes to raw hair, manufacturers obtain it straight from donors before undergoing a thorough sanitization procedure. It all started in India, when women, men, children, babies, and teenagers donated their hair to state temples as a spiritual offering to their God. The temple then sells the hair to anybody who wants to acquire it. There are, however, certain limits on who can bid on the hair. It's not as simple as going in and submitting a bid; it's far more difficult. The best part is that the money from the hair sales go back into society, helping people who can't afford medical treatment, education, or other necessities. Hair weaving is a hair care treatment that involves weaving or braiding to add or lengthen hair.

In this technique, human or artificial hair is woven or braided. Human or synthetic hair is woven into the hair's root area to allow it to grow naturally. It's also a raw hair integration and hair growth south Indian temple. Hair weaving is becoming increasingly popular among ladies for a number of reasons. This haircut is equally popular among men and women. Baldness and a range of hair and scalp diseases such as alopecia totalis and others are the most prevalent reasons of hair weaving. Weaving may also improve a person's hairstyle.