Raw Bulk Indian Temple Hair

Raw Indian Bulk Hair

There are no external attachments or applications on BULK (or loose) hair. Clients who want to build and apply their own tape-in extensions or develop Tips/Fusion extensions may purchase pure Raw Indian Bulk Hair. Clients also buy Raw Indian Bulk Hair to construct hand tied wefts, handmade lace closures, frontal pieces, and complete lace or lace front wigs. The typical thickness of many hair extensions is single drawn hair, which is a common option among hair extension users.

Single drew hair extensions have a lot of advantages, and they're a popular choice because of their natural look. Because each of our hairs develops at a distinct pace as it grows from our scalp, an individual with

naturally grown long hair will have hair that is thinner at the tips and taper off towards the bottom. Single drawn hair is a wonderful option for those who want a natural finish and don't care about volume at the end. Single drawn hair is often typically less expensive than double drawn hair; but, by trimming the ends a couple of inches, you may simply thicken them to provide the same overall appearance as the more expensive double drawn hair. When hair extensions are characterized as double drawn, it indicates that the bulk of the shorter hair is removed and replaced with longer hair within a bundle of hair. This implies that if you bought 16 inch hair extensions, the hair would be thick from root to tip since the bulk of the hair in the bundle (about 90-95 percent) would be 16 inches long.

If you want to add more volume and elegance to your hair, double drawn hair is a fantastic option. Because the hair extensions are thick all the way to the tip, you can easily get a full-bodied style. Because the extensions are so thick, you'll probably only need a fraction of the strands you'd need for a complete head of single drawn hair extensions, so you won't have to buy as many. A bundle of hair with no weft is referred to as bulk. Raw Indian Bulk Hair is used to make Raw Indian Weft Hair extensions, but it is also available for sale to clients who want to make their own Raw Indian Weft Hair extensions or utilize braiding and Brazilian knotting techniques with the loose hair. Hair for single drew hair extensions is cut from a single donor and then woven into a weft. Because of the low cost of manufacture, most extensions are offered as single drawn. Because the hair in each strand is barely the same length, it grows thinner as it approaches the ends and thicker as it approaches the top. The most frequent extension type is a single drawn extension, which requires less processing time and is less expensive.

Shorter hair is removed by hand, and employees trim the hair ends by hand so that the complete bundle maintains the same fullness from top to bottom. The hair is then sewed into a weft. This procedure improves the quality of hair extensions and gives them a fuller appearance. Although double drawn hair extensions are more expensive, the quality and volume are greater, and they will last longer.