Raw Indian Temple Hair Lace Closures

Raw Indian Lace Closures

Closure wigs are the ideal option for wig newbie’s since they are simply an attachment to a weave that allows you to finish the wig without having to use your own hair and risk damaging it. The Lace closures in raw hair enterprises are hand-sewn into the wigs. The hair is hand-tied to the lace, which is a thin and breathable fabric, and is stitched into brown or skin-toned lace to give it the illusion of having grown organically. These Hair closures can be knotted into the rear of the hairline to match the wig's wavy look while also creating the illusion of organically growing hair. Our Hair closures also include a soft baby-hair front that may be adjusted to match your natural hair style, such as laying them

down as borders around your face or leaving them to add character to your face. Our lace closures are new technological innovations that many hairdressers like since they limit harm to your naturally developing hair. Raw hair enterprises lace closures relieve the pressure on your roots, which may be the most affected by this process.