Raw Indian Temple Hair Lace Frontals

Raw Indian Lace Frontals

Lace Frontal are the ultimate style for such wig. Our lace frontals provide you with a natural-looking hairline that runs from one ear to the other. This hairline is so natural and lovely since it can be properly tailored to your natural hairline. Our raw hair lace frontal are for you if you have difficulties with your natural hairline or believe your hair is sparse in some areas. These may be worn with wigs, weaves, and other extensions that add volume and structure to your hair. Because it originates from Indian donors, Indian hair is some of the softest and silkiest hair available for wigs. These donors donate their hair to temples in order to please their gods, and the hair is then sold to produce wigs. This hair is

completely natural and unprocessed, with no chemical treatments. It's silky smooth and has a wonderful texture, plus it's tangle-free, matting-free, and extremely strong and long-lasting.

As a result, it's only natural that this hair be utilized to create hairlines for ladies who have trouble with their own. Our lace frontals have a lace underlay that stretches from ear to ear and a few inches on the scalp. The forehead region is entirely covered with breathable lace fabric that can be trimmed to match your natural hairline, giving you a complete and natural-looking appearance. Raw hair enterprises lace frontal that you can buy on our website come in a variety of sizes and lengths. Each product comes with a list of suggested lengths. Each strand of hair in these frontals is manually stitched into a wig, which is then laced in the front to create an outstanding wig with a wonderful fit. When using weaves, wigs, or extensions, specialists and stylists utilise frontals to close their wigs at the front of their hairlines.